Day 01 (July 08)

Arrival in Mongolia, welcomed by Bek Travel’s team at Ulaanbaatar airport, drive to Edelweiss hotel downtown UB, checked into your rooms. People who want to eat can eat at the hotel restaurant.

Day 02 (July 09)

Picked up from the hotel lobby in the morning after the breakfast and drive to airport to fly to Olgii. After 2 hours of flight, arrival in Olgii, welcomed by Bek Travel’s Olgii team. Taken to Dostyk hotel downtown Olgii. Check into your rooms. Go to see Mongolian archery competition and report to local restaurant for welcome dinner. Stay in your hotel.

Day 03 (July 10)

Today we will start the day by Seeing Naadam opening ceremony in local Stadium. See Mongolian wrestling competition  followed by the opening ceremony. For lunch we will eat Khuushuur ( for vegetarian we will cook at our camp). In the afternoon we will drive to horse racing site to show you horse racing. Barbeque for dinner at the camp. Today we will stay at your yurt camp.

Day 04 (July 11)

Drive out of Olgii towards Tavan Bogd mountains Ranger station where you will see Milk river , drive for 5 hours and arrival at Ranger station. Welcomed by Tuvan Shaman nomadic people, stay in their gers. ( Simple nomadic gers).

Day 05 (July 12)

We will be riding on horses today, ride to the base camp of Tavan Bogd mountains, after 17kms of ride reach base camp, do some hiking around glaciers while team is setting up your tent site. And stay at the base camp in tents.

Day 06 (July 13)

Today we will climb to Malchin peak, 4050 meters from Sea level and doesn’t require special climbing gears. Early morning get up and climb to the peak, ( some who don’t want to climb can stay behind around base camp) , on the top you will see all beautiful Altai beginning of mountains as well as every single peak of the whole mountain ranger, the peak is border to China, Russia and Kazakhstan. We will come down to the base camp and stay in tents again.

Day 07 (July 14)

Ride back to the ranger station today and drive to Khoton and Khurgan lakes area, after 5 hours of drive arrival at Kazakh nomadic family, where our there is our base with hot shower and toilets available. Kazakh Welcome ceremony of five finger’s feast. Stay in yurts.

Day 08 (July 15)

We will hike to Baga Turgen waterfall today, which is also called small Switzerland by the locals, the valley where you will see waterfall is so beautiful with its nature, waterfalls, snow capped mountain background, trees, rocks rivers and most beautifully the nomadic families living in their yurts makes it more beautiful. We will return to our base and stay in yurts.

Day 09 (July 16)

We will drive to balbal site, ancient burial mounds, see stone men and rock arts site at Khairakhti valley to see rock arts from bronze age. And we will do Self drive experience by UAZ Furgon Vans. Return to our base and stay in yurts.

Day 10 (July 17)

We will drive from lakes area to Kharangat valley to meet with a Kazakh eagle hunter family. Stay in yurts there, meet with eagle hunter.

Day 11 (July 18)

We will ride on horses and go to mountains to see the eagle’s performance, how an eagle does real hunting in winter time. We will ride back to the family and stay in our yurts.

Day 12 (July 19)

We will drive back to Olgii, stay in our camp, have hot shower once more and have farewell barbeque party. Stay in yurts.

Day 13 (July 20)

Fly out of Olgii to Ulaanbaatar. Picked up from the airport in Ulaanbaatar and drive to Edelweiss hotel, checked into Edelweiss hotel and after that go to see Tumen-Enkh ensemble performanceand have dinner at Korean restaurant. Stay at Edelweiss hotel.  

Day 14 (July 21)

Fly out of Ulaanbaatar to home countries. ( Bek Travel team will do all airport transfers for everyone)

2750 USD per person for Mongolia full board package, this includes everything in Mongolia except personal shoppings.

Excludes: International flight tickets.

Minimum: 6 PAX

Maximum : 12 PAX