Mongolia is the land of Nomads , they always move from one place to another herding their animals. Most Mongolian traditional food is related to nomadic culture and every food consists of meat. And Mongolian cuisine is quite influenced by continental climate that dominates the region. It is also influenced by Russian and Chinese cuisine culture. In Most Mongolian cuisine, not many vegetables are involved. In Mongolian food, horse meat, yak, beef, lamb and goat meat sometimes even camel meat are consumed.

Mongolian food

To name some most popular Mongolian food;

Khorkhog- The Mongolian Barbeque. ( suret hoia ket): Lamb is cooked inside a container on an open fire with onions, carrots, potatoes and some sauce. The unique part of this food is that smooth surfaced stones are out in fire to be heated and then put in the container to foster the cooking process. The smoky flavor of the meat complements the bland taste of the vegetables.

Buuz ( dumplings): Flattened wheat flour cut in rounded shape filled with meat ( any meat, preferably lamb or beef) cooked with onion or garlic, some pepper, salt and then steamed. Intense dumpling taste.

Boodog – Mongolian Traditional Roast: Whole goat, lamb or marmot, filled with onions, potatoes, some carrots and hot stones inside and it is cooked within its skin with the help of hot stones. A very good authentic Mongolian cuisine having an meaty aroma.

Tsuivan- meat with noodles: Any type of meat is cooked with noodles , carrots , dash of cabbage and onions. The meatiness of the stew blends in with the unhampered flavor of the vegetables to create an unique Mongolian cuisine taste.

Guriltay shol- Mongolian soup with noodles: Any type of meat can be used along with noodles and some veggies. The authentic recipe calls more for fatty meat. The acidity of the soup prepared with the curd made from animal milk.

Budaatay Khuurga- An authentic Mongolian Rice meal: Rice cooked with shredded meat along with onions, cabbage, carrots and potatoes. This food can be served mostly for lunch.

Uuts -Traditional new year’s Eve specialty: Lower fatty back and tail of mutton or sheep cooked in a steam chamber for four to five hours. This popular Mongolian dish is served on special occasions such as on ancient New year’s Eve etc.

Airag- Horse milk or mare’s milk: Milk of mare is fermented and served as a mild alcoholic beverage.