Visit Gobi Desert

Gobi Trip 5 Days

Day 1

Drive from Ulaanbaatar to Gun-Galuut NR see Flaming Cliffs on the way ( Bayanzag) , overnight here in tents. (250 km). At Bayanzaag it is the landscape, in addition to the rich dinousaur history, which is very impressive – an intance evocation of Mongolia’s great emptyness.  

Day 2

Drive into deep desert and see Yoliin Am and overnight at Khongor sand dunes. Yoliin Am is stricking gorge in the deep desert. Remarkable for the microclimate that its formation creation.Ride camels. Overnight in ger camp. 

Day 3

Drive to Khongoryn Els sand dunes overnight.

Day 4

Spend a leisure day activity, photography, camel ride and overnight in ger camp. 

Day 5

Drive back to UB. 


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