Reindeer Tribe Trip

Reindeer Tribe 10 days trip

9-10 days Reindeer Tribe Trip between June-September.

Important remark: If this same trip is to be done before June or after September the number of days will be 11-12 days as it requires one more day each back and forth.

Day 1

Fly from UB to Murun. Arrive in Murun, have lunch and drive out of Murun to Tsagaannuur soum. After 10 hours of drive, arrive in Tsagaannuur soum. Overnight.

Day 2

Ride on horses or reindeers, ride to Taiga. Overnight on the way in tents.

Day 3

Continue riding on horses or reindeers, ride to the Tsaatan family in Taiga. Have small welcome party with Tsaatan family. Overnight.

Day 4

Experience Tsaatan lifestyle , visit some other tsaatan families around the summer pasture of their tribe. Overnight again. ( you can do reindeer ride on each day if you would like).

Day 5

One more day of Reindeer family visit and experience and overnight there again.

Day 6

Ride back to Tsagaannuur soum , like last time, overnight in tents on the way.

Day 7

Continue riding and arrive in Tsagaannuur village and meet with your driver and car. Overnight.

Day 8

Drive back to Murun. Arrive in Murun and overnight in hotel.

Day 9

Fly back to UB.

End of the trip.



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