Eagle Festival 2020 | Hunting with Golden Eagles Package

2020 Eagle Festival and Real Hunting with Eagles Experience Package Trip

Day 01 (October 01) Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, welcomed by Bek Travel’s staff at UB airport. Drive to Edelweiss hotel. After the lunch at Mongolian Nomads restaurant. In the evening we will see Tumen-Enkh Ensemble Mongolian traditional concert. Drive back to Hotel after the dinner.

Day 02 (October 02) Fly from UB to Olgii. Arrive in Olgii, welcomed by Bek and check in hotel in Olgii. Rest day in Olgii. Welcome dinner at Turkish restaurant. Overnight in hotel.

Day 03 (October 03) Start attending the eagle festival with the opening ceremony and after the festival taken to Olgii and overnight in Hotel. 

Day 04 (October 04) Attend the eagle festival on this day ending with its closing ceremony. Attend a Kazakh traditional Wedding ceremony. Overnight in hotel.

Day 05 (October 05) Start driving to Altay village where we will be hosting for the next couple of days. Now it is time to experience the REAL Hunting with Golden eagles and with a number of eagle hunters and nomadic life experience around the Altay mountains. Arrive in Altay at Mr Ardak’s place and have welcome nomadic five finger’s ceremony with locals and other members of the trip. Overnight in wooden houses.

Day 06 (October 06) Start the Real Hunting Activities today on horseback with vehicle back up. Overnight in wooden houses.

Day 07 (October 07) You will be doing a REAL HUNTING WITH GOLDEN EAGLES along with other eagle hunters accompanying with you. In the afternoon, ride on camels and have fun. Overnight at the same family. Have good bye party. (You will have hot shower facilities there as well).

Day 08 (October 08)  Do some camel ride in the morning and Drive back to Olgii in the afternoon after the lunch. Overnight in Hotels.

Day 09 ( October 09) Fly out of Olgii to UB. Welcomed by Bek Travel’s staff again in UB and drive to Edelweiss hotel. Overnight.

 Day 10 (October 10) Our team to pick you up from the hotel and drive everyone to Fly to home countries.

Mongolia package includes for the whole trip;

1.      One Landcruiser for every 3 people during the whole trip in West.

2.      3 Vans 4×4 with drivers for the kitchen team and assistant and for gears.

3.      Fuel for all vehicles during the whole trip in West.

4.      2 English speaking guides PLUS BEK himself for the whole trip members.

5.      Hotel stays in UB and in Olgii.

6.      Domestic return tickets between UB and Olgii. ( Expensive tickets which are booked 6 months in advance due to high demand).

7.      All food, during the trip and at restaurants in Olgii and in UB.

8.      All Airport transfers in UB and in Olgii.

9.      All cooking and camping gears.

10.  Laundry Service in Olgii.

11.  Generator and fuel , 220 volts for electricity during the hunting stays for battery charging and other uses .

12.  National park and border office permits ( area you will go is close to Chinese and Mongolian border)

13.  Eagle festival taxes

14.  Eagle hunters’ fees

15.  Horses during the eagle hunting for entertainment hunting and for eagle hunters etc.

16.  Accommodations during the hunting.

17.  Cooking team as well as Assistants team and wranglers team and all eagle hunters who will be accompanying with you during the eagle hunting, riding and festival. 

18.  Meals in UB and in Olgii.

19.  Guide in UB

20.  Vehicles in UB

21.  Museum and concert tickets in UB.

22.  other small administration fees Basically, includes everything.

Fee per person for this package trip is 2450 USD.

Important tip: Domestic tickets schedule which is considered as Summer flight schedules will be announced in Late March and domestic return tickets for October specifically during the festival will HAVE TO be booked as soon as the flight schedule is announced. So it is very important. Local aviation companies make domestic tickets at least 2 times more expensive during this time of festival. And Local hotels make their prices 3 times more expensive during this festival. So this trip is quite costly. 

Weather: Weather in October will be -2, to -5 during the night and + 5 to + 10 during the day in Bayan Olgii. Warmer clothes are advised to be brought.